Theme Customisation for Dare to Be

Sarah J, owner of Dare to Be, wanted to use SquareSpace for her website. Having found a theme she already liked, Sarah approached me to customise the style for her.

This is a great, affordable way to get started online. There are many great web fonts to choose from included with SquareSpace and Sarah had a good idea of what she wanted. We carefully chose fonts and banner images together, going through all Sarah’s content with a fine tooth comb, adding images and organising her pages to suit. This resulted in a great looking website, all in keeping with the Dare to Be brand.

The customisations we worked on all had to fit within the constraints of the standard SquareSpace editing tools. I used the style editor provided to make as many alterations as possible, then added some custom CSS for the more advanced styling changes. The theme was already responsive. I made full use of the column editing tools to make sure it stayed that way.

While you can use developer mode to make fully custom SquareSpace themes and hardcore alterations, this raises the monthly running cost as well as the initial development expense. Sarah was on the start of her venture with Dare to Be, so it was important for her to keep these costs to a minimum. I scaled this project to suit her budget and requirements perfectly.

As well as standard content pages I also set up affiliate links to books on Amazon, an events section and contact forms. All in a way that Sarah can manage.

Once the site was finished, I showed Sarah how everything worked and gave her a one-to-one SquareSpace lesson. I equipped her with everything she needs to maintain and edit her website. Now Sarah has all the control she needs, as well as a beautiful looking website which she can be proud to promote.

See for yourself: