Poster Template Designs for Dare to Be

Sarah J, from Dare to Be, found she was wasting far too much time trying to make her own event posters. She asked me to make her two poster templates which would look amazing as well as save her time.

On the right you can see the results. Now Sarah has two template files which she can open and edit to her hearts content. The posters she makes will look professional and gather much more interest for her events.

Template 01 was inspired by some imagery Sarah had found. I used aspects of her logo throughout the design to reinforce her brand and liven up the artwork. Then I added some easy to edit text areas which would turn this into a perfect event poster.

The green area along the bottom calls attention to Sarah’s contact details, making it more obvious what to do to find out more.

The second template was to be more business like. When we created Sarah’s website she bought a wide variety of stock graphics to use in the banner area on her site. These make perfect poster backgrounds. Template 02 has around fifteen different patterned backgrounds to choose from. That way Sarah can pick and choose, each time making her event a little bit special, with a different graphic.

Throughout the day, we spoke on Skype and had video calls to discuss ideas or progress. Sarah was very exited about the designs and couldn’t wait for me to show her how to use them.

I gave Sarah┬ástep-by-step instructions while she went about creating her first two posters – making sure both┬átemplates worked properly from her end, and that she knew exactly how to use them.