Responsive Design for Lonan Gentlemen’s Fellowship

The Lonan Gentlemen’s Fellowship smashed two world land speed records in Bonneville during 2012. They needed a website to help them raise funds for bike parts so they could return in 2014.

This is a website I designed while working for WUKmedia who were official sponsors of The Lonan Gentlemen’s Fellowship. They created a sponsors’ club so they could take donations from members to aid in their fund-raising for Bonneville. As I write this now, Speed Week is almost upon us! I had great fun working with the team on this site and I really hope they make it.

The Fellowship needed a website which they could manage all the content on. They wanted a private news and gallery area where members who had donated could keep up to date with their progress. They also requested a home page banner which would tell you about each team member.

They sent me hundreds of photos from their trip to Utah in 2012, along with info on the team and the t-shirt designs for the members shirt which is sent to every sponsor. Based on all this information I came up with a design that was in-keeping with their style and would appeal to their supporters.

I customised WordPress to require donations on sign up, and enable percentage tracking on their target so this could be displayed on the site. I made use of the ‘more line’ feature in WordPress, so that the news posts could have teaser openings which are visible to the public, with login required to read anything after. I also created a custom post type for their official business sponsors so they could broker advertising deals with supporters.

Next I was introduced to Ann, who would be the sites Administrator. Ann had no previous experience with WordPress, so I took the time to teach her how to use the site – walking her through each task and supporting her learning step by step.

The Lonan Gentlemen’s Fellowship have ended up with a great tool which will continue to help them raise funds, support and awareness for their race team.

See for yourself here: