Logo Design for Zoom Creations

Zoom Creations is the new business venture of multi skilled – occupational therapist, animator, photographer and DJ - Ginny Koppenhol. Ginny loved the work I did for Ahoy! and came to me with ideas for her own logo design. Her new brand needed a fun, creative approach.

Ginny told me about the stop-motion animation workshops she runs, mainly for school children and young people’s mental health units. She told me about her photography too, and how her new business would encompass both creative services. I looked through Ginny’s existing photography portfolio and watched some examples of the animations she had made, before we discussed ideas. Ginny already had the idea of a rocket in mind, but she wasn’t sure how it would work, or if it would be relevant. She wanted the logo design to capture all her services, seeing the word ‘zoom’ as related to both animation and photography.

I suggested that the rocket could be made of plasticine, like some of her animated characters, and that it could form the basis of a branding animation in the future. Ginny loved this idea, so we went from there.

I chose a selection of fun, friendly fonts to use in the concept stages. The fonts needed to appeal to children, parents, carers and youth workers. I decided that ‘zoom’ worked best in capital letters and should convey a modern feeling of technical services. The font we chose together was made up of many lines, and reminded me of filming clappers. I increased the size of one ‘O’ to emphasize the zooming of lenses, and customised the letter shapes – to make the word sit as one whole entity. Using our favourite, friendly font for the word ‘creative’ and toppling the letters around to give them a playful feel.

For the rocket, I created the shape first, along with a selection of ways this could be coloured or outlined, depending on the style Ginny might want. The colours I chose were picked from photographs of actual plasticine. Moving forward, I created a custom plasticine texture that would be fully scalable, altering the rocket shape too – to give it a more natural hand-made appearance. Combining aspects of the concept ideas which Ginny liked, to create the final logo shape.

Plain, clay colouring for the words compliment the colourful, plasticine rocket. I provided designs for use on light or dark backgrounds, as well as a simple outline version for use at small sizes or for one colour printing. Ginny is incredibly pleased with her new logo, and felt like taking part in creating her own brand really spurred her on with her new business plans.

I had seen some of the work Rose had done for a friend, and thought that she’d be the perfect designer to create my new business’ logo. And she was!

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