Logo Design for Ahoy!

Max Halls, wonderfully creative owner of The Tattooed Lady, recently embarked upon a new venture – expanding her online retail business to a shopfront in Lancaster named Ahoy! Max had a specific idea for her brand and approached me to help her turn it into a professional logo design.

Max provided a concept sketch and asked for the main colour to be turquoise. I was already very familiar with Max’s goods so it wasn’t difficult for me to imagine the style she was going for. The clothing and gifts Max sells are all very unique, hand-made crafts and jewellery, up-cycled items and alternative or vintage clothing. The logo design needed to express all of this in a fun and vibrant way.

I started with the anchor, making it big and chunky with inviting curves. I researched traditional rope tying techniques and took inspiration from photos of ship salvage. Then, having decided on a style for the rope work, I experimented wrapping the rope around the anchor and creating the oval shape in different ways. After a lot of careful shading, the rope work came to life.

Max’s original concept had the lettering made of rope too, but when I tried this out the shop name seemed lost. Instead I found an excellent, strong, vintage font which matched the arrow style of the anchor. I skewed the letters to make them look almost as if they were bobbing on the Ocean. Then I set this off with a suggestion of playful waves below. I used texture and colour to make both the anchor and the shop name look as if they had been pulled up from the depths of the sea. This made them stand out from the gentle turquoise gradient I’d chosen for the background.

A classic, laid back, cursive font for the shop tagline finished the logo design off perfectly. Max was super happy and tweeted all about it!