Portfolio Website Design for James Fox: A Case Study

Skillful, Lancaster, textile artist, James Fox was looking for a way to have more control over his portfolio website. Inspired by my ideas, he asked me to completely redesign his site – and he couldn’t be more pleased with the result.

James Fox Responsive Website

See the site for yourself here: www.jamesfoxtextileartist.co.uk

The Brief

What James needed, was a portfolio which focused on his artwork, giving each piece the impact it deserved. He needed a tool, that could grow with him, and stay fresh. Changing when his work changes. Before James contacted me, his website looked like that of many independent creatives; it did the job but looked dated. There was nothing very special about it and it didn’t do his work justice.

James Fox's website before redesign


We had a chat about the functionality James needed, what style he had in mind and then we went from there. I invited James to my project board. That way he could see how the work progressed all the way through the process.

The Web Design and Development

What James has now, is a completely bespoke WordPress theme for his portfolio, tailored entirely to his requests. I’ve made customisations which enable James to set background images and overlay colours on every page. Included custom portfolio items, so James can keep adding new artwork, with options to set the dimensions and materials he’s used. Not to mention, smooth page scrolling and transformation of the default WordPress galleries into beautifully animated, responsive, masonry galleries; which arrange themselves neatly depending on the size of each image, folding out as the user scrolls down the page. Even the lightbox, which controls navigation through the enlarged images, has been customised to match James’ style and include credit to James on each image.

Migration from James’ old website to his new portfolio was seamless. Additionally to his website design and development, I assisted James in setting up new, faster hosting which is much better value – keeping ongoing costs low while still improving performance. To remove any stress, I also took care of James’ domain transfer and the cancelling of his redundant, attached services.


This responsive website is fully tested on a variety of screen widths, for touch and non-touch devices and using all the most common desktop browsers. Mobile users are even served smaller image files than desktop users, to keep loading times fast and ensure less data is used.

Technologies Used

This development project is built using; WordPress, ZURB’s Foundation, Guts and Masonry. Technical skills involved were mainly: PHPHTML5, SCSS & jQuery.

Client Feedback

Rose had a great understanding of what I wanted for my site. I could not recommend her highly enough.

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