Responsive Design for FMP

FMP are industry professionals running a large and successful medical packing operation. They had a team of dedicated employees tasked with organising their new website – ensuring it included everything their company required.

This was one of the most challenging and rewarding projects I had the good fortune to work on while with WUKmedia. A variety of page layout designs were needed, custom functionality was required and the entire design job was fully bespoke.

This project was a team effort. Other contributing members were Stephen Weir, Matthew Hadwen, Matt Millbank and Jack MacMichael. My role was as Lead Designer and Developer, managing the project and overseeing every step of the design and build.

I looked at their client base, who they wanted to attract, what they wanted to promote and what they needed to achieve from their website. I toured their facilities, took samples of their products and spoke with the FMP team in great detail about every possible factor for their project.

To begin with I took the sitemap of their existing website and went back to the drawing board. Their website was so out of date it needed a complete re-structure. Plans were carefully tailored to FMP’s requirements and submitted for their approval before continuing with wireframes for their design.

Towards the end of the development I quality tested every part of the site, improving the responsive layouts and script optimisation as well making sure that the site was cross-browser compatible.

Analytics data from their old website showed that many users viewed the site from outdated versions of Internet Explorer. So, as well as being well optimised for modern mobile devices, we also had to cover all the bases for browser compatibility as far back as IE7.

When we were finished, FMP had a professional, modern and clean new website that brought their public image back into this century. Our approach to the development improved their results on Google and they have had nothing but compliments on their new website. Every member of the FMP team was impressed by the work we had done and grateful for our help and expertise.

See for yourself: