Business Card Design for Ewan Martin

Ewan Martin is a full-time Lifeguard and fantastic Freelance Outdoor Instructor. He needed a simple business card design to get him started with his freelancing.

Moo Minicards are a great size for the kind of quick informal introductions Ewan will be making. There is also an option to print a variety of different designs on the reverse, which is perfect for showing off Ewan’s range of skills.

Ewan didn’t have a logo, but did want to use a clear, strong font that communicated his personality and reliability. The colours he asked me to work with were orange and green, which work best together when subdued. I kept a natural tone in the design and used a paper texture keep the feel informal. Muddy tones in the text give a subtle impression of the fun that can be had outside.

As an Instructor it is important for Ewan to make a personal and open impression so I used his face alongside the contact details. Overall the design needed to be friendly and eye-catching while making it clear what Ewan does. On the back, we chose a selection of Ewan’s own photos which encapsulate the areas he is qualified to teach – Canoeing, Kayaking and Hill Walking.

This design model will be easy to expand on as other activity photos can be included, when Ewan achieves more group leader qualifications.

Ewan was really pleased with his finished Minicards and told me how people he gave them to commented on how professional they looked.