Logo Design for Dare to Be

Dare to Be is the trading name of Sarah Jennings who is a fully trained Aura Mediator. She came to me at the beginning of her business venture to request help with her logo design.

Sarah had very clear ideas about what she wanted and brought me lots of concept sketches to express them to me. The original shape of the logo had been drawn for her by her friend Kleo Jacques. Sarah was really happy with this concept, but it needed more work before it could become her brand identity.

I had no idea what it was that Sarah did, so she gave me a lot of information to read – enabling me to understand her service and the feeling she needed to convey. Sarah wanted to incorporate colour and pattern into the shape. As she was on a tight deadline and working to a set budget, I recommended using stock graphics for the fill on her design. Sarah fell in love with the heart bokeh we found and it was a perfect fit.

The first draft of logo designs were redrawn from the sketches with the integrity of the shape fully intact. It looked great, but it didn’t downsize well and looked over complicated when it was small. It’s very important for a logo to work well at a variety of sizes, so we went back to the drawing board and looked at simplifying the concept. It was at this point Sarah realised the symbolism of the original shape was a little obscure. We discussed how the shape could be changed to have more meaning.

Sarah wanted to be involved in the whole process, so we spoke about ideas and I tried them out in real time. Giving Sarah all the input she needed.