Business Card and Flyer Design for Ginger Fabrics

After designing Esdï’s logo, her next request was for business card designs and a colour flyer design – to promote her new shop’s launch.

I created the business card and flyer graphics alongside each other, to maintain consistency. Keeping a strong theme throughout the designs and taking the website we were creating into account too.

Custom Elements

Creating Esdï’s branding meant we already had a beautiful set of colours to work with that would be perfect for the business card and flyer designs. I also took the needle I had made during concept stages and created other custom elements by hand to match; buttons and stitching styles, which I turned into completely unique, vector sewing brushes, especially for this project. So that I could hand ‘sew’ all Ginger Fabrics’ illustrations.

The Business Card Design

Esdï asked for a double sided, full colour business card design and sent me specifications from the printer she had chosen. I kept the front design very simple, with her logo being the main focus, and offered a selection of different stitching embellishments for Esdï to choose from. The back needed to detail the shop location and contact details. I split this side in half, and used a selection of the custom stitching brushes I created to give the card a friendly, hand-crafted feel. I picked a traditional, serif font to compliment the lettering from the Ginger Fabrics logo and maintain the vintage inspired theme. As there was an expected, large, older client base I made the phone number big and bold so it would be easy to read.

The Flyer Design

A flyer’s main job is to attract attention and provide contact details for follow-up action. The strong font I chose for the phone number of the business card had both vintage and shadowed alternate styles, which I used to draw attention to different, key parts of information on the flyer design. I also incorporated stock imagery which matches the website we’re creating too. This gives Esdï’s brand consistency and it provides a great background for the bright text. Again, the flyer was made to specifications from Esdï’s printer and has been provided as a fully scalable, vector graphic to ensure the highest print quality. I’ve also provided Jpeg versions which can be easily shared on social media.